1 Day Seminar by +K VISION


The Road to Finesse is a seminar for aspiring photographers seeking to grow as a photographer and get inspired

in the field of wedding photographer. the seminar built upon KHC’s experiences,personal stories, and all tie into

how you can become a better photographer, a good story teller that has a brand to be proud off.


Here are 3 goals you will achieve at the end of the seminar.

1. Understanding Finesse, the art of exceptional branding to win the clients you want. 

Understand WHY we do the things we do so we could produce some of our best work and our best products.

2. Learn the most effective workflow from shooting, to production and to slideshows and wedding albums. 

we will have live shoot during the seminar. Learn how to use available light in posing your subject.

we also discuss about Lightroom,Photoshop workflow in producing the final product.

3.Building a better service, a better product,a better you. 

we will be discussing about how we build our brand from our core values in services and in our products.


Location:Hotel , Taipei  with regular coffee and tea breaks.
Regular Rate: NT 10000