2015 Workshop ( Taiwan )


Wedding Collection for KHC



Date: 0425~0426 / 2015

Member : Limited to 15 photographers. 

Location : (待定)TBD , Taipei ( 台灣站)


Join us for an intensive, 2-day workshop during which we will share everything we know about detail for wedding , light, photography, and the cost and business of weddings.

We teach with our hearts fully invested, and we don’t hold back on anything.

Everything is possible, and we encourage everyone to participate with discussions & questions.

We also will be doing a live wedding / pre-wedding shoot, and go through our entire thought process.

Among many other topics, we will cover the following:


  • How to shoot decisive Moments in Wedding Day
  • Creating photos that you will be proud of, while making your clients (& their families) happy.
  • Understanding natural light, and “creating it” when it’s not available.
  • Composition, framing, reflections, and all that good stuff.
  • Moments, moments, and more moments.
  • Finding inspiration at every wedding, and in everyday life.



  • Live Wedding Part (Make-up , Pre-wedding)
  • Complete walkthrough of our workflow after we shoot a wedding, will a full demo of our editing process.
  • A review of each photographer’s portfolio


About KHC 

The first Photographer from taiwan get the prize.


  • ISPWP 國際婚禮組織婚禮評選委員 / WorkShop 講師
  • ISPWP Summer 2014 Bridal Party 17th
  • ISPWP summer 2014 Framing the subject 16th
  • ISPWP summer 2014 Reception 14th
  • WPPI  2014 First 1/2 1st place / Wedding Detail
  • WPPI  2014 First 1/2 Sliver Award / Creative
  • WPJA Q1 2013 Weather 19 th
  • AGWPJA Q2 2011  Portrait of Bidal Party 17th
  • AGWPJA Q3 2011 Ceremony 11th
  • AGWPJA Q3 2013 2013 Portrait of Bride AND Groom Alone 10th
  • AGWPJA Q4 2013 Getready 17th
  • AGWPJA Q4 2013 Emotion 16th
    AGWPJA Q4 2013 Reception 16th 
  • ISPWP  Fall 2011 Kids will be kids 14th
  •  ISPWP Fall 2012 Emotion Impact 15th
  • ISPWP Fall 2012 Family Love 7th
  • ISPWP SPring 2013 Family Love 4th
  •  ISPWP Spring 2013 First Dance 6th
  • ISPWP Summer 2013 Wedding Detail 18th
  • ISPWP Fall 2013 Family Love 4th
  • ISPWP Fall 2013 Brides and Groom 9th
  • ISPWP Spring 2014 Wedding Detail 2nd
  • Canon Wedding Photographer’s Contest 2014
  • 2014 +K VISION 上海站 分享會